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Finisher/Dryer & Shaker/Washer Industrial Polish & Cleaning

Fine Polish, Clean Finish

Vibe Tech – Cobb Dryer

Vibe Tech’s vibratory dryers creates a toroidal motion. Toroidal motion causes a spiraling roll of media parts. Vibratory motion that works together to achieve clean and dry part surfaces without leaving water stains. By utilizing a process channel that is heated from the bottom, our dryers distribute heat evenly.

Vibe Tech – High Frequency Finisher

Unlike standard vibratory finishers, high frequency finishers generate a unique process that uses less amplitude. In fact, it uses more frequency and a lapping style action.

Vibe Tech – Shaker Screener

Typically used in applications where the entire mass – parts and media – requires separation after being unloaded from a batch finisher, shaker screeners are ideal for applications that require the separation of parts from media or as an offline media classifier.

Vibe Tech – Relines

Polyurethane reliners refers to the removal of old or worn out linings from your current finishing machine, inspection and repair of structure and replacement of the lining with a new polyurethane material.

Vibe Tech – Wastewater Treatment

From basic to advanced, equipment options are available to take care of the waste water from mass finishing equipment or aqueous parts washers.

Welcome to Rodeco, your premier partner for cutting-edge vibratory finishing solutions in North Carolina. We proudly introduce Vibe Tech’s revolutionary vibratory dryers, designed to deliver exceptional results through advanced toroidal motion. This sophisticated motion creates a spiraling roll of media and parts, working harmoniously to achieve pristine, dry surfaces without any water stains.

Our vibratory dryers stand out by utilizing a uniquely heated process channel that ensures even heat distribution from the bottom up. This innovation guarantees consistent and efficient drying, setting us apart from standard vibratory finishers. Moreover, our high-frequency finishers generate a distinctive process with less amplitude and increased frequency, employing a lapping style action that enhances the finishing quality.

For applications requiring efficient separation of parts and media post-processing, our shaker screeners are the ideal solution. These versatile screeners excel in separating parts from media or functioning as offline media classifiers, ensuring seamless operations and optimal results.

In addition, Rodeco offers polyurethane reliners, providing comprehensive services that include the removal of old or worn-out linings, thorough inspection and repair of the structure, and replacement with new, durable polyurethane material. This service extends the life of your finishing equipment, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

We also cater to all your wastewater management needs, from basic setups to advanced systems, designed to handle waste from mass finishing equipment or aqueous parts washers. At Rodeco, we are committed to delivering top-notch equipment and solutions to meet all your vibratory finishing and waste management requirements.

Experience the Rodeco difference today and elevate your finishing processes with our state-of-the-art technology and exceptional service.