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Vibe Tech – High Frequency Finisher

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Vibe Tech – High Frequency Finisher

The High frequency finisher is the Ideal machine for precise surface refinement (Low Ra) and mirror – Like Polishing. The CLM Vibetech HFF utilizes high frequency and low amplitude to create an optimal motion for smoothness and polishing. This finisher is ideal for fine finishes or delicate parts, whereas Large amplitudes are used for heavier cutting. The vibratory motors that create this motion, are mounted on easily adjustable indexing plates that allow for many orientations. This orientation adjustment changes the direction of amplitude which in turn modifies the flow of the media. The motion of the media inside the work chamber is isotropic (random), which eliminates directional or patterned finishing problems such as “leading edge” or “shadowing” effects. It is even capable of getting work done on internal surfaces which is not possible in conventional finishers.

Product Specifications

  • Parts are fixtured
  • Lapping style action
  • Complete part coverage with repeatability

Use Cases

  • high-end wheels,
  • aerospace blisks
  • bearing races
  • pinions and shafts for windmills
  • forging mold refurbishment
  • medical devices


  • Low Ra requirements
  • Surface refinement
  • Polished finish
  • Smoothing

Model Specifications

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