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Vibratory Equipment available at Rodeco

Automated systems from standard automation to advanced robotic nozzle, part manipulation and part handling.

Professional Finishing Equipment

Rodeco can fit you for the right piece of customized equipment to meet your vibratory equipment needs and take you through the entire process, from process development to engineering and setup. From your basic vibe bowl to a sophisticated multi-machine, you’ll get vibratory equipment with an automated process and customized solutions. Experience quality and hit your production targets with Rodeco.

Vibratory Deburring & Burnishing Equipment​

Over fifteen types of finishing equipment. Consistently and reliably make your parts cleaner, brighter, smoother, using advanced manufacturing processes.

Finisher/Dryer & Shaker/Washer​

Rodeco has the capacity to handle a wide range of metal finishing requirements. With over fifteen pieces of finishing equipment, we consistently make metal parts cleaner, brighter, smoother, using advanced manufacturing processes. Rodeco has improved the cost and quality for our customers across the Southeast.

Experience the epitome of vibratory excellence with Vibe Tech – where innovation meets precision in every cycle. As the premier Vibratory, Deburring, and Finishing equipment supplier near Raleigh Durham, Rodeco brings you a comprehensive range of cutting-edge solutions to elevate your surface finishing processes to new heights. From the heart of our production line emerges the Vibe Tech Vibratory Bowl Finisher, setting the standard for excellence in vibratory deburring and burnishing equipment.

Crafted to perfection, our standard round vibratory bowl finishers represent the most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles, delivering unmatched performance and reliability with every use. Whether you’re deburring, polishing, or surface conditioning, our Vibratory Bowl Finisher ensures exceptional results, time and time again, empowering you to achieve the flawless finish your products deserve.

But the vibratory revolution doesn’t end there. Introducing the Vibe Tech Vibratory Tub Finishing system – a testament to versatility and efficiency in vibratory deburring and burnishing equipment. Designed for medium to large parts, our vibratory tub finishers, also known as trough vibrators, offer unparalleled flexibility and performance, allowing you to tackle a wide range of finishing applications with ease. From intricate components to bulky workpieces, our Vibratory Tub Finishing system delivers consistent results, every time, ensuring that your products stand out from the competition.

And for those seeking the ultimate in vibratory excellence, look no further than the Vibe Tech Long Radius Finisher – a game-changer in vibratory deburring and burnishing equipment. With longer working channels, larger bowl diameters, and decreasing channel widths, our Long Radius Finisher redefines the boundaries of vibratory finishing, providing unmatched precision and efficiency for even the most demanding applications. Whether you’re working with delicate parts or heavy-duty components, our Long Radius Finisher delivers unparalleled performance, setting new standards of excellence in surface finishing.

At Rodeco, we understand that success lies in the details – and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with the finest vibratory equipment and solutions available. With our Vibe Tech lineup, you gain access to the latest innovations in vibratory technology, backed by decades of expertise and a relentless commitment to your success. Experience the difference that vibratory excellence can make for your business. Experience Vibe Tech from Rodeco – where precision meets performance, and your satisfaction is our priority.

Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of vibratory, deburring, and finishing solutions, and discover how Vibe Tech can transform your surface finishing processes for the better. With Rodeco as your trusted partner, the future of vibratory excellence has never looked brighter. Experience the difference today, and take your business to new heights with Vibe Tech from Rodeco.