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Ceramic Media

Ceramic Media

Ceramic media, offering versatile cutting speeds, cost-efficiency, and a range of shapes and sizes, proves ideal for vibratory finishing applications, providing optimal performance, brightness, and durability tailored to specific needs.


Main Applications

Fast Cutting: Ideal for short time cycles and high equipment capacity.

  • XC, 40 Bond, WK Bond for aggressive burr removal, fastest cutting, and high abrasion concentration.
  • 120 C and GC Bonds offer exceptional density, reducing time cycles and overall costs.

Medium Cutting: Balances brightness and cut.

  • C Bond, ECH Bond, 30 Bond: industry standards for performance, economical pricing, and smoother finishes.

Low Cutting:

  • F Bond and 20 Bond: light coloring, excellent brightness, and durability for deburring.


  • F Bond and 20 Bond: hard, abrasive-free media for maximizing part brightness, suitable for chemical accelerators.



  • Significant savings demonstrated in a case study, reducing annual media purchase and disposal costs.

Versatile Cutting Speeds:

  • Ceramic media categorized into fast, medium, low, and non-abrasive for diverse surface finishing needs.

Diverse Shapes and Sizes:

  • Available in 8 shapes and 10 sizes, ensuring adaptability to various vibratory finishing applications.

Customization and Expert Assistance: 

  • Rodeco offers expert guidance, customization, and tailored solutions for specific vibratory finishing requirements.