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Vibratory Finishing Compounds from Rodeco

High-end cleaning and vibratory finishing compounds for all your parts washing, degreasing or finishing needs, provided by Rodeco.

Vibratory Finishing Compounds

Precision and general parts cleaning is of central importance in manufacturing to ensure cost-effective operations with minimized health and environmental risks. Our experienced team can suggest the right equipment, what compounds to use and how to adapt more efficient finishing processes into your routin
Contains aluminum oxide and surfactants.
Powdered alkaline degreasing, cleaning, descaling compound.
Liquid, mild alkaline cleaning compound with burnishing capabilities.
Liquid alkaline cleaner with excellent degreasing characteristics.
Liquid, mildly acidic burnisher especially well suited for aluminum parts.
Liquid, mildly acidic burnisher with good cleaning characteristics.
Liquid alkaline cleaner excellent for flow through operations.
Liquid steel media rust inhibitor which can also be used post-process.
Liquid, acidic burnisher with a higher percentage of chemical bleaching agents
Mildly-acidic burnishing compound for use on ferrous and most non-ferrous metals
Economical cleaning and deburring compound for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Liquid burnishing compound with a neutral pH.

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