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Vibe Tech – Shaker Screener

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Vibe Tech – Shaker Screener

Shaker screeners are the go-to choice when it comes to meticulously separating a mixture of parts and media. They find their sweet spot in situations where you need to sift through the entire mix after unloading it from a batch finisher. These screeners are a top pick for tasks like separating parts from media or serving as an offline media classifier.

The heart of their operation lies in a pair of electric vibratory motors that work in tandem to create linear motion and vibration. This duo not only propels the mass forward but also adds the necessary vertical action for effective separation. In most real-world applications, the media or screened material takes a journey to a lower section of the machine, moves along its length, and is then discharged through a designated chute.

Product Specifications

  • Screen length
  • Screen hole size
  • Media size
  • Part size
  • Load height requirements
  • Discharge height for handling
  • Floor space restrictions

Use Cases

Common Use Cases for Shaker Screeners:

  • Separation of parts and media after unloading from a batch finisher
  • Segregation of parts from media
  • Offline media classification
  • Removing debris or impurities from a mixture
  • Ensuring product quality control in various industries


  • External separation required
  • Increase unloading speed
  • Classify media sizing
  • Extra screening time for difficult to separate parts
  • Great external screening option for processes that need high level batch integrity

Model Specifications

Associated Products/Options