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Vibe Tech – Relines

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Vibe Tech – Relines

Is your current vibratory equipment showing bare metal? You can send your vibratory bowl in for service and get the Polyurethane liner replaced. Vibe tech offers a full reline service on most makes and models of mass finishing. There are hundreds of molds at our disposal that allow us to offer quick turnaround times. Polyurethane liners are primarily used to solve wear issues related to the bulk transport or movements of materials in the vibratory bowls and finishers.

Product Specifications

  • 80 Durometer – is the most proven material in our industry
  • 95 Durometer Hot pour -(Shore A) premium hot pour polyurethane material. It offers the highest cut-resistance available in our industry. Ideal for tough applications such as; part on part, sharp or heavy parts, or fast cutting media.


  • Ship bowl to manufacturer
  • Removal of current liner
  • Inspection and repair of bowl – primarily cracking, gates, etc
  • Reline
  • Repaint


  • How do you handling production while equipment is down (Rodeco can help)
  • 95 Durometer – Ideal for tough applications such as: pert on part, sharp or heavy parts, or fast cutting media

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