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Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless Steel Cut Wire ensures unparalleled cleanliness and durability, producing bright, dust-free surfaces with an extended lifespan, solid construction, and compliance with rigorous specifications for contamination-free and consistent performance.


Main Applications

  • Precision Cleaning and Peening: Essential for precision cleaning and peening operations, Stainless Steel Cut Wire ensures uncontaminated surfaces in applications intolerant to ferrous impurities.
  • Versatile Surface Conditioning: Available in “as cut” or conditioned forms, including Type I, Type II, or Type III, Stainless Steel Cut Wire offers versatility in meeting specific surface conditioning requirements.


  • Clean and Bright Surfaces: Stainless Steel Cut Wire delivers high-quality, bright surfaces without dust, ensuring cleanliness.
  • Durable and Consistent Performance: With a longer lifespan, it maintains size and shape, providing durable and consistent results.
  • Solid and Contamination-Free: The solid construction ensures reliability without hollows, splits, or twins, preventing contamination.
  • Scale-Free Operation: Stainless Steel Cut Wire guarantees a clean operation, meeting specifications for uncontaminated surfaces.
  • Reduced Dust Production: Compared to cast products, it minimizes dust for a cleaner working environment.
  • Compliance with Specifications: Meeting AMS 2431 and SAE J441 standards ensures reliable, standardized performance.