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Powder Coat Removal Test | Garnet vs 10x Engineered Materials

Powder Coat Removal, which abrasive is better suited for the job? In our quest to determine the best abrasive blasting media, we decided to start doing side-by-side tests in order to get a more accurate look at performance. We chose two popular contractor medias – Garnet and the new 10x Engineered Materials (10x for short) and got some surprising results. 

Watch the video to see for yourself how both options performed. 

About the Blast Media

First, let’s take a closer look at the media we used during this blasting test.

Garnet Abrasive Media

Garnet abrasive is a fast cutting media that generally minimizes labor time and increases productivity. Plus, it’s available in several different sizes and types, making it great for waterjet, wet blasting, and removing coating and surface preparation. We used Garnet 30/60 in our test. 

10x Abrasive Media

10x abrasive is a silica-free blasting media that is sourced from the minerals used in insulation, then melted and cooled to produce amorphous glass fibers. With low dust and a fast cut, this media is growing in popularity. We used 40-70 for our test.

About the Blasting Media Test

We knew the only way to ensure accurate results was to create equal settings for both media, from using the same equipment to making sure the same operator did both tests. So, the variables we set were:

  • Process: Powder Coat Removal
  • Equipment: Empire Abrasive Equipment 650 Pressure Pot
  • Compressor: Rotair 425 CFM 
  • Nozzle: #5 XL Venturi Nozzle
  • Pressure: 107-108 PSI

The operator of the test is highly experienced in both wet and dry blast units with over 10 years of experience. Going into the test, he wasn’t familiar with the 10x and expected both types of media to be fairly similar, possibly with Garnet being faster. 

We used a 4’ x 8’ piece of powder coated steel and divided it into two panels that were 16 square feet each and then the operator blasted the coating off the steel while a timer tracked the time for each side. 

The Initial Results

The operator finished with the 10x blaster in 5:21, meaning they could cover a square foot in 21 seconds. The Garnet time was 7:17, averaging to 28 seconds per square foot.

Operator Thoughts on Abrasive Blast Media

Following the test, we were all a little surprised by the results. Aside from the faster time, the operator found that the 10x left a much cleaner finish to the steel compared to the Garnet. Also, the cleaning itself felt smoother as the operator didn’t have to double back over sections or overlap excessively. Even the creation of dust was equal. 

The Winner

The winner of this match-up is clearly 10x Engineered Materials. 

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