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5 Reasons to Outsource Your Metal Finishing Process to Rodeco

Sometimes it makes sense to house your metal finishing process within your operation. Sometimes, it makes sense to outsource it to trusted specialists. If you’re looking to save time, money, and hassle, you might want to look into your options for metal finishing process outsourcing.

A top outsourcing option, Rodeco’s job shop has provided unsurpassed excellence to manufacturing facilities for years. Our strong base of loyal customers rely on us to make their lives easier–and their businesses more profitable. Why is Rodeco the #1 choice for so many operations? 

In no particular order here are…

#1 Freedom to Strengthen Core Competencies

In many manufacturing facilities, metal finishing processes–abrasive blast, mass finishing, washing, and grinding–are neglected, and understandably so. While these processes are important, they simply don’t produce parts. Producing parts is so crucial that it’s easy to then direct extra money to equipment and processes that support the production of parts. 

But what if you didn’t have to choose between investing in parts or finishing? What if you didn’t have to do everything in your shop and thus risk letting quality suffer or things falling through the cracks? What if you had the freedom to focus on your core competencies and become the absolute best at those–while a team of specialists handles your metal finishing services so that you can skyrocket even further? That’s exactly why customers choose Rodeco as their outsourcing partner.

#2 Waste Water and Abrasive Dust Disposal Management

Let’s face it. Many metal finishing processes are messy. They involve some sort of surface cleaning and/or surface preparation that result in waste. If the waste isn’t disposed of safely and responsibly, you put your operators and the environment at risk. But that waste disposal can be costly and labor intensive, which can eat into your company’s profits. In other words, if you do your finishing in-house, you have to consider both the cost per part and the cost of proper waste disposal.


At Rodeco, we’ve spent decades finishing our customers’ parts so that they don’t have to worry about incurring those costs. And with our standard operating procedures for metal finishing process disposal and recycling, you can know without a doubt that your waste will be handled properly.

#3 Repeatable and Consistent Finish 100% of the Time

Every metal finish process has two goals: 1) Achieving the quality standards of your facility and/or your customers and 2) Being consistent and repeatable. A consistent finish requires both finding the right equipment and consumables, and also consistent auditing, maintenance, and quality testing of the finishing process. You must maintain your equipment and meter your chemicals and abrasives to ensure your process can be duplicated from cycle to cycle.

Ensuring a repeatable and consistent finish takes a lot of work. Rodeco can do all of it for you. All the quality checks and equipment service schedules are built into every contract finishing process–so that we provide your required finish on a consistent basis. Whether it’s the first run of the day, or the last load to be processed, you can expect a 100% consistent part from us that meets your quality standards.

#4 Worry-Free Quality Control and Turnaround Times

A bottleneck within your finishing process can be just as costly to your bottom line as a shutdown in production. An unfinished part is just as valuable as a part that hasn’t been made–it’s worthless and potentially damaging to your business.

Rodeco can handle any and all parts of your finishing process–from end-to-end or during a production spike or bottleneck when you need extra help. With over 300 cubic feet of mass finishing capacity and 12 abrasive blast systems, Rodeco can meet your production needs on time, every time.

#5 True Process Cost Breakdown

Finding the true per part price of your surface finishing process is not as simple as looking at labor, equipment, and consumables. You’ll need to take a deep dive into everything required to do it well on a consistent basis. Below are just some of the factors you need to consider when identifying your metal finishing process costs: 

  • Labor, training, overtime 
  • Equipment and consumables 
  • Waste disposal  
  • Rejects and Reworks 
  • Equipment and process maintenance and service 
  • Floor space  
  • Wastewater treatment  

When you develop a process in the Rodeco lab, we will not only provide you with a consistent and repeatable finish, we will also give you a “per part price” to finish your parts in our Sanford, NC facility. If you later decide to bring the process in-house, we can get you the right equipment and supplies you need. In other words, you get true and transparent pricing from us, and a realistic idea of what it will take to bring your finishing process in-house.

Outsource Your Metal Finishing Process Without Compromise

Rodeco’s job shop team provides unsurpassed excellence to meet your production and quality control needs. Let us handle issues such as waste water management, meeting cleanliness standards and fast turnaround time while reducing your capital expenditure. When you choose Rodeco, you can be sure you are outsourcing without compromise.