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Vibe Tech – Inline Finisher

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Vibe Tech – Inline Finisher

The VibeTech Inline Finisher (VTI model) is a continuous process finishing machine designed for high production rates of larger parts. Eliminate the production bottleneck in the finishing department. You want to consider this finisher if you are in the die-casting or CNC machining industries. Deburr and / or deflash parts rapidly. Load your parts into one end (typically with an optional conveyor), after which the parts then go through a finishing process and exit out the opposite end. The parts and media are discharged onto a shaker screener for separation of the media. The media diverts itself to a return conveyor, which brings a consistent amount of media back to the beginning of the finisher. The parts carry on downstream from this operation and can go to optional secondary operations such as washing and drying.

Use Cases

  • Die Cast – deburring for high production demands
  • CNC Machined parts – edge break and machine line blending
  • Flow-through production set-ups


  • Removing visible burs from machine parts
  • Radius sharp edges
  • Remove oils
  • Burnishing

Model Specifications

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