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Media Reclaimers

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Media Reclaimers

Abrasive Blast media reclaimers allow you to recover, clean and reuse abrasives to reduce your blast process consumable costs and reduce waste. These units offer precise control and recovery of abrasive to improve productivity and safety of your blast operator. Adjust the settings to recover fine, medium and coarse abrasives, while removing dust and fines from your blast process.

Product Specifications

  • Used with blast rooms including pre-engineered, field erected and packaged rooms.
  • Wide range of recovery to reduce labor and improve productivity
  • Improve quality by removal of dust, fines and foreign particles

Use Cases

  • Abrasive Blast Rooms
  • Blast cabinets
  • Blast Automation and Robotic systems


  • Removal of dust and fines from blast process
  • Cleaning of reusable abrasive
  • Improve quality of your abrasive working mix