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Zinc Cut Wire

Zinc Cut Wire

Zinc Cut Wire, known for its non-ferrous and contamination-free composition, is the preferred abrasive for gentle and effective coating removal, versatile surface cleaning applications, and precise flash removal from die castings, ensuring enhanced component quality and a bright, uniform finish on various metals.


Main Applications

  • Gentle Coating Removal: Zinc Cut Wire effectively removes coatings without substrate damage or ferrous contamination.
  • Fixture Cleaning and Paint Hook Stripping: Suited for cleaning fixtures and paint hook stripping, its soft, non-ferrous nature ensures thorough cleaning without surface damage.
  • Flash Removal from Die Castings: Precisely removes flash from aluminum and magnesium die castings, enhancing component quality.
  • Uniform Bright Finish: Versatile in producing a bright, uniform finish on various metals, Zinc Cut Wire enhances aesthetic quality.


  • Non-Ferrous and Contamination-Free: Composed of 99%+ high-grade zinc wire, it ensures contamination-free processes in applications sensitive to ferrous impurities.
  • Gentle and Effective Coating Removal: Its gentle nature allows for effective coating removal without substrate damage.
  • Versatile Flash Removal: Ideal for precise flash removal from die castings, contributing to improved component quality.
  • Fixture and Paint Hook Cleaning: Well-suited for thorough cleaning without surface compromise in fixtures and paint hook stripping.
  • Bright and Uniform Finish: Capable of achieving a bright, uniform finish, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of treated surfaces.