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White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide

White Aluminum Oxide, renowned for its high purity and sharp cutting attributes, excels in precision applications such as medical and dental procedures, turbine blade manufacturing, and non-skid coating, offering versatility with various grit sizes and ensuring optimal results in diverse industrial settings.


Main Applications

  • Medical and Dental Precision: White Aluminum Oxide’s high purity and sharp cutting make it perfect for precise medical and dental applications, including instrument grinding and polishing.
  • Turbine Blade Manufacturing: Ideal for turbine blade manufacturing, its purity and abrasive characteristics ensure precise shaping and finishing to meet aerospace and energy industry standards.
  • Non-skid Coating / Flooring: Versatile in creating textured surfaces, it excels in non-skid coatings and flooring, enhancing traction and durability in industrial settings.


  • High Purity and Precision: White Aluminum Oxide’s exceptional purity minimizes contamination, ensuring precision in medical, dental, and manufacturing processes.
  • Sharp Free Cutting Abrasive: With a sharp, free-cutting nature, it enhances effectiveness in grinding and shaping processes, ensuring high-quality outcomes.
  • Grit Size Versatility: Available in various grit sizes, it offers flexibility for specific manufacturing and surface preparation needs.
  • Optimized for Non-Skid Coating: Its sharp cutting action makes it ideal for creating textured surfaces in non-skid coatings, improving traction and durability in industrial environments.