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Steel Shot / Grit

Steel Shot / Grit

AMACAST Steel Shot/Grit is a versatile and environmentally conscious abrasive media, ideal for coating preparation, metal cleaning, and deburring, offering exceptional recyclability and promoting health and safety with its non-hazardous properties.


Main Applications

  • Coating Preparation: AMACAST ensures optimal adhesion and durability, offering tailored surface profiles for various coating needs.
  • Metal Cleaning and Restoration: Efficiently removes contaminants and coatings, making it a reliable choice for enhancing metal surfaces in diverse applications.
  • Deburring and Surface Finishing: AMACAST’s precise sizing and hardness deliver smooth and refined surfaces, ideal for manufacturing processes requiring high-quality results.


  • Exceptional Recyclability: AMACAST’s unmatched lifespan reduces raw material and disposal costs, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness in abrasive blasting.
  • Health and Environmental Safety: Recognized for non-hazardous properties, AMACAST eliminates risks associated with free silica exposure, prioritizing workforce well-being and minimizing environmental hazards.