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Corn Cob

Corn Cob

Corn Cob offers a versatile and high-quality solution for surface cleaning, polishing, and absorption, renowned for its accuracy, effectiveness, and dual functionality as both an abrasive and an absorbent, ensuring safety and environmental friendliness.


Main Applications

  • Surface Cleaning, Polishing, and Drying: Used as an abrasive for cleaning, polishing, and drying various surfaces, providing gentle yet effective cleaning action.
  • Absorbent Applications: Utilized for its absorbent properties, capable of holding up to four times its weight in fluid, making it suitable for applications requiring absorption.


  • High-Quality and Versatility: Corncob grit is the most accurately-screened and air-washed media in the marketplace, renowned for its high quality and effectiveness for over 50 years.
  • Offers dual functionality as both an abrasive and an absorbent, providing versatility in surface cleaning and absorption applications.
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations:
    • Non-toxic, inert, and biodegradable, ensuring safety for users and minimal environmental impact.
    • Provides an eco-friendly alternative for abrasive and absorbent needs, aligning with sustainability initiatives.