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Vibe Tech – Long Radius Finisher

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Vibe Tech – Long Radius Finisher

Long Radius finisher – Vibratory Deburring & Burnishing Equipment by Vibe Tech. Longer working channels with a larger bowl diameter and a decreasing channel width. Our long radius finishing machines provide a very aggressive action due to an expanded center column that allows for a longer lever arm. This style of finishing machine was specifically designed for steel ball burnishing and continuous operations. Because of their heavy-duty welded construction and proven, oil lubricated drive system, Vibe Tech’s long radius finishing machines are engineered for lasting, long-term performance. Capable of continuous operations ranging from two minutes to fourteen minutes, these machines can be built with custom control panels and tailored to suit your specific application.

Product Specifications

  • oil lubricated drive system 
  • heavy-duty welded construction. 
  • Minimum 1″ thick premium polyurethane lining (three grades available including hot pour). 
  • Exterior mounted components provide easy access for maintenance and service. 
  • Extra large springs for durability. 
  • Control panels are built to our customers requirements, from simple push button starters to fully automated PLC controls with digital displays. 
  • All long radius finishers are specifically designed for steel ball burnishing or continuous operations. 
  • Our long radius finishers have superior unloading and roll characteristics over a standard finisher 
  • On models with separation, there is a helical rise to aid unloading. 
  • Standard models, from 5 cu. ft. to 50 cu. ft., are custom designed to meet your application requirements. 
  • Continuous operations ranging from 2 min. up to 14 min. 

Use Cases

Ideal for:

  • steel ball burnishing
  • Process times under 15 minutes
  • Flow through operations
  • Minimizing part on part contact


  • Removing visible burs from machine parts
  • Radius sharp edges
  • Remove oils
  • Burnishing

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