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Rotary Table Washer (Viking Corporation)

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Rotary Table Washer (Viking Corporation)

Rotary Table Washers are designed and built to handle low production processes that have parts that are large or have varying geometries. Washers typically provide wash, rinse and drying functions to eliminate additional processing stages. Standard sized rotary washers are commonly used, but customization can be offered upon request.

A large rotary washer can clean various items such as weldments, forgings, pump housings, and castings, or a basket of smaller parts. You can double the amount of small parts washed simultaneously by using secondary baskets and manifolds.

Product Specifications

  • RW4848 Viking Rotary Table Washer
    • Table Capacity1800 lbs
    • Work Envelope48 Dia. x 48″ H
    • Overall Dimensions96″L x 120″W x 105″H
  • RW6060 Rotary Table Washer
    • Table Capacity2000 lbs
    • Work Envelope60 Dia. x 60″ H
    • Overall Dimensions96″L x 120″W x 105″H
  • RW7272 Rotary Table Washer
    • Table Capacity3000 lbs
    • Work Envelope72 Dia. x 72″ H
    • Overall Dimensions108″L x 140″W x 110″H
  • RW72-108 Rotary Table Washer
    • Table Capacity 10000 lbs
    • Work Envelope 108 Dia. x 72″ H
    • Overall Dimensions 13’L X 11’W X 10’H
  • RW12072
    • Table Capacity15000 lbs
    • Work Envelope120 Dia. x 72″ H
    • Overall Dimensions108″L x 140″W x 158″H

Use Cases

  • Industrial Manufacturing: Large rotary washers are commonly used in industrial manufacturing settings for cleaning a variety of components such as weldments, forgings, and pump housings. They ensure that these components are free from contaminants and debris, meeting quality standards before further processing or assembly.
  • Automotive Industry: Large rotary washers play a crucial role in the automotive industry for cleaning various automotive parts, including engine components, transmission housings, and chassis components. They help ensure that these parts are thoroughly cleaned and free from contaminants before being assembled into vehicles.
  • Aerospace Sector: In the aerospace sector, large rotary washers are used to clean critical components such as aircraft engine parts, landing gear components, and structural elements. They help maintain strict cleanliness standards required for aerospace applications, ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft.
  • Foundries: In foundry operations, large rotary washers are essential for cleaning castings. They effectively remove sand, scale, and other residues from the surface of castings, preparing them for subsequent finishing processes or assembly
  • Metalworking Workshops: Metalworking workshops utilize large rotary washers for cleaning machined parts and metal components. They effectively remove cutting fluids, oils, and other contaminants from the surface of parts, improving their quality and ensuring optimal performance in subsequent manufacturing processes.


  • 1. Industrial Manufacturing: Used for cleaning weldments, forgings, and pump housings in industrial manufacturing processes, ensuring these components meet quality standards before assembly.
  • 2. Foundries: Employed for cleaning castings in foundry operations, removing debris and contaminants to prepare them for further processing or finishing.
  • 3. Automotive Industry: Utilized for cleaning various automotive parts such as engine components, transmission housings, and suspension parts, ensuring cleanliness and quality in automotive manufacturing.
  • 4. Aerospace Sector: Applied for cleaning aerospace components like aircraft engine parts, landing gear components, and structural elements, meeting stringent cleanliness requirements for aerospace applications.
  • 5. Metalworking Workshops: Used for cleaning machined parts and metal components in metalworking workshops, improving surface cleanliness and quality before subsequent operations or assembly.