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Room Ventilation HDTF & BVS Systems

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Room Ventilation HDTF & BVS Systems

Dust Collection for Blast Enclosure ventilation to improve visibility, productivity and safety of the blast process. The systems utilize automatic pulse to help maintain consistent flow and prevent production downtime.

Product Specifications

  • Collectors used for Pre-Engineered, Field Erected and Packaged Blast Rooms
  • Offer automatic filter pulse cleaning to reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Meet all ventilation requirements and offered for a large range CFM requirements

Use Cases

  • Empire Pre-Engineered Blast Rooms
  • Empire Field Erected Blast Rooms
  • Empire Packaged Blast Rooms


  • Blasting Cleaning and Surface Prep of Large Parts
  • Producing a profile for coating
  • Removal of rust, coating or corrosion