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Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Pro-Finish Blast Cabinets

The Empire ProFinish Cabinet is built for production and can handle several tasks, including; surface preparation, corrosion removal, coating removal and cleaning your surface. The ProFinish cabinets can be purchased in both Pressure and Suction blasting styles based on your specific application. Suction cabinet are ideal for delicate parts or when continuous blasting is required. Pressure can be used for fast cleaning, removal and surface preparation.

Product Specifications

  • Removing rust, corrosion or coatings quickly
  • Recycle blast abrasive to be reused multiple time and to remove dust and debris from dust
  • What equipment is best for glass bead blasting and ceramic bead blasting (is this point a product specification? if so, please clarify)
  • Industrial grade abrasive blast cabinets used with aluminum oxide, glass bead, steel grit and glass bead