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Pre-Engineered Blast Rooms

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Pre-Engineered Blast Rooms

Blast rooms that are uniquely tailored to meet your abrasive blast process requirements. Field Erected Room offer several options for media recovery, material handling and operator safety.

Product Specifications

  • Customized Blast Enclosure engineered to your part and process
  • Offer pneumatic and mechanical recovery to allow the use of all mineral and metallic abrasives
  • Material Handling integration to increase productivity

Use Cases

  • Pre Powder Coat and Paint surface preparation
  • Stripping of coatings, rust and corrosion
  • Media recovery to reduce abrasive usage, costs, and waste
  • Blast Process that is OSHA compliant


  • Blasting Cleaning and Surface Prep of Large Parts
  • Producing a profile for coating
  • Removal of rust, coating or corrosion