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Indexing Turntable Machine

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Indexing Turntable Machine

Indexing Turntable blast systems offer precise positioning of your work piece in front of the blast nozzles to produce a perfectly finished part. This process offers a cost effective and repeatable finishing which takes operator error out of the process. These systems can offer various options for loading and unloading including manual or robotic.

Product Specifications

  • 2-4 rotating blast stations for cleaning and surface preparation ‘
  • Precise and repeatable blast process
  • System offer complete blast coverage of your part while limiting wasted material or overspray

Use Cases

  • Blast cleaning for piston rebuilds
  • Upper and lower firearm receivers surface preparation for coatings
  • Bead blasting of medical devices with precise and repeatable finishes 


  • Automotive
  • Firearms
  • Medical Devices