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Empires Fastrip® Cabinets

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Empires Fastrip® Cabinets

Fastrip® cabinets provide a safe alternative option for chemical stripping and/or cleaning parts. This blasting system was designed specifically for the use of plastic media as cabinet strip coatings of metal and composite materials without affecting the substrate of the parts. This approach will allow you to strip your parts and create the best possible etch for proper bonding of new coatings such as Alclad, anodized aluminum, titanium, steel, kevlar, fiberglass, carbon, graphite and magnesium. This design is ideal for non-stop production with cost savings and improved finishing results.

Product Specifications

  • Magnetic particle separator
  • 90-watt spotlights
  • 14”x 22” safety glass window
  • 3/16” perforated floor w/ 1000 Lbs capacity
  • 25 Different Models to choose from
    • Single and 2 Door options
    • 4 Different Dust collector options
    • Blower Motor: 1-½” hp – 5 hp options
    • Shipping weight: 660 lbs – 3100 Lbs

Use Cases

  • Strip Delicate Surfaces Fast