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Empire Packaged Blast Rooms

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

Empire Packaged Blast Rooms

Empires Packaged or pre-Packaged Blast Rooms provide equipment that is ready made for blasting so you can be up and blast within a day. These rooms come in several standard sizes which offer a shorter lead time, while lower the costs associated with installation. These are fully welded systems with 11 gauge wall and ceiling panels, which come in sizes up to 20” long x 12.5’ wide x 10’ high.

Product Specifications

  • Standard sized blast enclosure that come installed and ready to blast
  • Offer a range of media recovery and reclamation
  • Numerous upgrade options and accessories to maximize productivity

Use Cases

  • Pre Powder Coat and Paint surface preparation
  • Stripping of coatings, rust and corrosion
  • Media recovery to reduce abrasive usage, costs, and waste
  • Blast Process that is OSHA compliant


  • Blasting Cleaning and Surface Prep of Large Parts
  • Producing a profile for coating
  • Removal of rust, coating or corrosion