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BBO Basket Blasters

Most common and versatile of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment.

BBO Basket Blasters

For a fast, efficient, and economical solution to finish small parts, look no further than Empire’s BBO Basket Blasters. Simply drop your parts into the nine-inch by nine-inch basket, set the timer, and let these table-top work savers take care of the rest. As parts rotate through the abrasive blast stream, they are cleaned, peened, or finished automatically and evenly. With control over air pressure and abrasive media, you can tailor the finish and processing times to your specific needs. Say goodbye to manual processing and save time and money with Empire’s BBO Basket Blasters.

Use Cases

  • This equipment is ideal for those who specialize in producing small metal components used in automotive and electronics industries. These components require precise finishing to meet quality standards and customer expectations.
    • Load your product
    • Adjust the timer for the desired cycle duration
    • Parts are automatically rotated by the equipments abrasive blast streams, removing burrs and cleaning surfaces while finishing the parts evenly
  • In summary, the BBO Basket Blaster offers a versatile solution for finishing small parts, making it an essential tool for enhancing productivity and achieving high-quality results in manufacturing operations.


  • Surface finishing and cleaning of small parts in manufacturing processes
  • Ideal for industries requiring precision surface treatment, such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics
  • Removes contaminants, burrs, and surface imperfections from metal components
  • Customizable blasting options allow for tailored finishes and processing times
  • Saves time and labor costs compared to manual processing methods

Model Specifications