Rodeco can fit you for the right piece of customized equipment to meet your portable blast equipment needs from Empire and other manufacturers. Rodeco offers a full line of portable blasters, ranging from “do-it-yourself” suction blasters up to our contractor grade SuperBlast® pressure machines, designed to strip structures and large work-pieces at high removal rates.

Portable Blast Systems

Empire SuperBlast® Portable Blast System

Simplicity, safety, reliability and performance—those were our design goals when we engineered SuperBlast® portables. Many years on tough jobs, such as removing corrosion, preparing surfaces for coating and maintaining heavy equipment, have proved that SuperBlast® portables deliver exceptional value in the field.

Empire Econo-Blast™ Portable Blast System

Econo-Blast® portables are compact pressure blasters that share many features with their big brother, SuperBlast®. Available in three sizes with grit capacities of 1, 1.5, and 3 cubic feet, these portables include ASME vessel certification for safety, flexible air hose for ease of maintenance, wheels for portability, and a pressure gauge.

Empire FaStrip™ Portable Blast System

When stripping operations involve delicate surfaces or require precise removal of old coatings, nothing beats FaStrip® machines for speed, quality, safety or economy. By delivering plastics, wheat starch or other soft media at low pressures, FaStrip® makes it possible to strip delicate metallic or composite materials quickly and thoroughly without damaging the substrate.

Empire SafeStrip™ Portable Blast System

SafeStrip™ portables are designed specifically to handle fine, light media used in the cleaning and stripping of delicate substrates. SafeStrip™ portables quickly and safely remove old coatings, dirt, oil, corrosion, and other unwanted residues from soft metals, rubber, plastics, and other sensitive surfaces. They are ideal for work on statues, monuments, machinery and molds, and in many other applications requiring a “light touch.”

EMPIRE PRS Pneumatic Blast & Recovery Systems

This pneumatic blast and recovery system (PRS) pays for itself quickly by recycling media. Durable media such as chilled iron and steel grit can be recycled effectively 6 – 200 times.

Empire Blast N' Vac with Vacutrans

As environmental codes become more stringent, the demand for contained blasting rises. By enabling media recovery at the nozzle, Empire's Blast N' Vac® product line virtually eliminates the need to collect media manually, resulting in safer, cleaner blasting.

We carry a full inventory of replacement parts across all OEM lines and media to meet your needs.

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From helmets and suits, to carbon monoxide filters and breathing air testing, Rodeco is a stocking distributor of safety equipment from RPB and others. The professionals at Rodeco know the best safety equipment and measures to meet your unique needs. We also offer consulting and training on how to use the equipment to keep your operators safe on the job.
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When your blast equipment goes down, you don’t need to wait! Rodeco troubleshoots your equipment and can ship parts out to you the same day. For customers in the Carolinas, we offer a mobile parts delivery service as well. From nozzles and couplings, to hoses and grit valves, Rodeco is your source for parts from major blast manufacturers like Empire, Clemco, Schmidt and more.

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