Rodeco offers a full range of solutions that enable you to meet your specifications or customer requirements. Our standards are so high, we continue to meet and surpass standards for the likes of Bosch, TRW, Ford and more.


Rodeco can process down to the second and offers you a wide range of parts washing solutions with unmatched quality and performance. Our sales representatives are ready to work with you to develop the right parts cleaning process for your job needs. Rodeco service team is ready to meet your cleaning and environmental service needs.

find out how we ship clean parts, on time with no headaches


We combine our in-house laboratory and testing processes to support and maintain our commitment to quality. We use the latest equipment to ensure precision metal finishes while remaining compliant with industry specifications. As a result of our continuous and consistent testing methods, Rodeco is proud to be NADCAP Certified.


"Rodeco, they are very easy to work with. Occasionally we have parts we need quickly, which is our problem - not Rodeco’s. They are good at asking second and third level questions like prioritizing production. We cannot recall a time when Rodeco hasn’t delivered on time. And they are a wealth of information and know the process well to make each job a success."

- 95 year-old Automotive Filtration Company


Rodeco offers a full range of parts washing solutions to enable you to meet your specifications or  your customers’ requirements. Automotive cleanliness specs are high and we have met them for Bosch, TRW, Ford, etc. 

We take the four elements needed in vibratory finishing – parts, media, compound solutions and equipment – to produce high-quality and finished work.

Rodeco knows that every company has different needs. Therefore, Rodeco will work to get the right customized part washers to fit your requirement needs 100%. At MIWI (Midbrook Industrial Washers, Inc.) they customize washers to fit your business needs. They have built washers customized from actuators to wheel drums. 


Over the past 30 years, Rodeco has used its creativity and finishing knowledge for over 250 metal working customers with thousands of different parts. When you choose Rodeco, you’re choosing:

  • Improved finish quality
  • Consistent quality
  • Reduced waste water
  • Lower labor costs
  • Easily handled production spikes
  • And reduced capital costs

Rodeco’s Job Shop has helped some of our customers with descaling, rust removal, cleaning, brightening, and deburring of their parts.

Parts can be made from aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, plastic, copper and cast iron, and include silverware, gold and silver jewelry, ceramic tiles and porcelain.