About Rodeco

Rodeco was founded in 1960 by Robert Johannesen in Sanford, NC. The company was then purchased by current owner Bill Murphy and his partner, Jim Borrell in 1982. In 1986, Jim and Bill moved Rodeco to a 9,000 square foot location, also in Sanford, where the company remains in operation today. This location received a 4,000 square foot addition in 1994 and another 13,000 square foot addition in 2004, resulting in their current 26,000 square foot facility.


In 2000, Bill Murphy bought Jim Borrell’s share of ownership, making him the sole proprietor of Rodeco. Bill brings a unique excitement and passion for American manufacturing to his job, and believes that helping to improve domestic manufacturing efforts results in more profits, more jobs, and less outsourcing. It is Bill’s desire to strengthen the US manufacturing industry—and the country along with it—that motivates him every day.

Rodeco Serves the Product Finishing, Soda Blasting, and Washing Needs of Manufacturers Throughout the Southeastern United States

Manufacturing companies throughout the Southeast come to Rodeco with product samples and specific washing or finishing needs ranging from deburring to burnishing, blast cleaning, degreasing, and more. After careful consideration of the client’s requirements, Rodeco’s experienced staff then delivers a range of options for solutions, allowing the client to choose the one which best meets their needs.

Once the ideal product finishing results are pinpointed, the expert engineering staff at Rodeco runs cost analyses on the client’s various options for scaling up the selected processes.

Rodeco has the ability to provide:
  • In-House Contract Finishing Services
  • Retail Sales of Finishing and Blasting Equipment
  • Process Development
  • Sales of Finishing Media and Supplies to Clients who Already Own Finishing Equipment

The staff at Rodeco specializes in determining which of these options represents the most cost-effective solution for the client’s specific product finishing requirements.

Call us today at 877-781-0834 or contact us to learn more about our products and services, and to discover all of the ways that we at Rodeco can serve your needs!

Rodeco is a dedicated provider of washing, abrasive blasting, soda blasting equipment, and vibratory finishing equipment, supplies, maintenance, services, and more located in Sanford, NC serving manufacturing companies throughout the Southeast.