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Fast Cutting

When short time cycles and equipment capacity are the main criteria, fast-cut ceramic media can do the heavy lifting. With six different bonds, each has their own dominant features: XC is more of an aggressive version of the C Bond brother. Excellent at removing large burrs. 40 Bond is the fastest cutting media. When short …Continue reading »

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Medium Cutting

Medium cutting media gives some of both worlds: brightness and cut. The C Bond has been the industry standard for many years. The ECH Bond provides performance at an economical price. The 30 Bond provides a smoother finish by using a finer-grain abrasive. All are in the 90 to 95 pound per cubic foot range.

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Low Cut

The F Bond and 20 Bond of ceramic media offer light coloring, excellent color and brightness, and light deburring to parts. They hold their shape and are long lasting.

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These are very hard, abrasive-free bonds of media that are used primarily to maximize the brightness of parts. Other applications include working well with chemical accelerators or as a carrier of loose abrasive compounds. The F Bond and 20 Bond of ceramic media offer light cutting and excellent color and brightness.

Low Density Cone

High-Density Plastic Vibratory Media

A completely new and improved line of fast-cutting polyester media, designed and formulated to provide a wider range of surface finishes. It contains agents that improve overall performance considerably which are technically superior to standard resin bonded media and urea formaldehyde media. Our new and improved media also has an average bulk density of 100 …Continue reading »

High Density Cone

Low-Density Plastic Vibratory Media

Don’t waste your media or your money. Contact Rodeco to get the exact right media and process to maximize your return on investment. Our plastic vibratory media is manufactured to our own custom-formulated specifications and contains only the finest raw materials available. Low-density media is used within the metal industry for surface preparation and improvement …Continue reading »