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Keep the finishing in house or contract it out?
Big question, tough decision! Let us look at it together.

Reasons to keep the finishing in house (or not)…

  1. We get great quality all the time! Rodeco has been ISO 9001 since 2004 and has met cleanliness standards for Robert Bosch brake and air bag parts.
  2. In-house price is cheaper! Let us look together to see if total cost is higher or lower.
  3. We have plenty of capital dollars available now. No capital dollars needed when the finishing work is done at Rodeco.
  4. We do not want our parts leaving our building, as we love control. If the numbers are right, Rodeco will set up inside your facility or close by and do the work for you on a per-piece basis.
  5. A small manufacturer of high-performance automotive parts wanted to distinguish his parts from the competition without having a headache. Boxes come in and go out weekly with a with a bright finish.
  6. It is really easy to handle the production spikes without overtime. Or maybe not.
  7. We like it when finishing equipment repair costs and supply purchases hit our monthly budget. Rodeco changes on a per-piece basis so costs are level and consistent.
  8. We had no problem handling the oils and metals in our wastewater. Let Rodeco handle that, we have never been out of compliance in 25 years.
  9. We love managing the people in the finishing department, as they show up every day. Rodeco gets it done. No excuses.
  10. We are 100% focused on and love finishing! So does Rodeco, and that’s our only focus.

If you went 10 for 10 above, then there is no need to contact us. Otherwise…

Contact Rodeco

Over the past 30 years, Rodeco has used its creativity and finishing knowledge for over 250 metal working customers with thousands of different parts.

Reasons to contract out your finishing requirements to Rodeco are:

  • Improved finish quality to improve our customer service to his customer
  • Consistent quality to mitigate the risk of mixed parts or inconsistent finish
  • Reduced wastewater
  • Lower labor cost for customer
  • Handled production spikes so customers meet their delivery schedules and sales
  • Reduced capital costs

Rodeco’s Job Shop has helped some of our customers with descaling, rust removal, cleaning, brightening, and deburring of their parts.

The parts can be made of aluminum, brass, steel, stainless steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, silver (as in silver ware), gold and silver jewelry, ceramic tiles, and porcelain.

Below are examples of how Rodeco has solved problems for others over the past 30 years.

Problem: A shipping container of connecting rods was inspected at the entry point and left to rust on the dock.
Solution: Rodeco removed the rust, made regular shipments to keep production line going, and billed the insurance company. And there were 2 more reused containers within 2 weeks.
Contract Finishing 4

Problem: A valve manufacturer of high performance automotive parts wanted to distinguish his parts from the competition without having a headache.
Solution: Boxes come in and go out weekly with a bright finish, superior to his competition.
Contract Finishing 5

Problem: This cut wire part has a burr and sharp edge that would cut through its final coating. Our customer was needing over one million parts per week and couldn’t keep up with demand.
Solution: Rodeco developed a process to clean and give the part a smooth radius on each end thus removing the burr and sharp edge. Rodeco processing over a million parts for them each week, resulted in less down time on their automatic assembly machines as well as freeing up their champler machines for their larger parts.
Contract Finishing 6

Problem: Brass parts had burrs and a dull look. The parts needed to be free of the burrs and a clean bright finish to them.
Solution: Rodeco developed a process to deburr and give the part a bright finish that well satisfied the customer.
Contract Finishing 7

Problem: The part is 3003 H14 1/8″ thick aluminum that’s been saw cut. It has a dull look and heavy burrs. The customer needed the burrs removed and a bright finish on this part.
Solution: Rodeco developed a process that removed the burrs and gave the part a bright finish.
Contract Finishing 8

Problem: An appliance manufacturer needs 700,000 parts per week cleaned and burrs removed and did not want to add to current wastewater stream.
Solution: Rodeco’s truck has not missed a weekly delivery ever! (over 10 years)

Problem: Bosch was rejecting air bag components from a deep draw-stamping house, for not meeting cleanliness specs.
Solution: Using a programmable precision washer, Rodeco met all Bosch cleanliness standards, and ran the tests to verify prior to shipment.

Problem: Cast part (carburetor) with light burrs and very dull in appearance.
Solution: Rodeco developed a process that removed the burrs and gave the part a bright finish.