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Zinc Cut Wire

Zinc cut wire is the abrasive of choice when damage and ferrous contamination from conventional steel abrasives are of concern. Zinc cut wire is made from 99%+ high-grade zinc wire. It is an ideal product for cleaning fixtures or stripping paint hooks. Zinc cut wire is a soft, non-ferrous abrasive that is capable of removing …Continue reading »


Stainless Steel Cut Wire

Stainless steel cut wire is a must for cleaning or peening operations wherein ferrous contamination cannot be tolerated. Stainless steel cut wire is produced from type 302/304 wire, and is manufactured to rigid specifications. The wire is cut to the same length as its diameter, resulting in a solid, durable piece of shot. Stainless steel …Continue reading »



Corncob grit is the most accurately-screened and air-washed media in the marketplace. It has been the highest-quality media and the best in its class for over 50 years. Product Characteristics: Abrasive: it Cleans, Polishes, and Dries Absorbent: Holding up to Four Times its Weight in Fluid Non-Toxic Inert Biodegradable

black silicon carbide

Black Silicon Carbide

Features: Extreme Hardness and Uniformity of Shape Maximum Resistance to Breakdown Consistent, High-Quality Grains Versatility: Offered in a Wide Range of Grit Sizes